"Soul, a moving river. Body, the riverbed” - Rumi

Concepts about soul is never new to human kind. From ancestral period onwards myths and fantasies have be passed down to generations after generations. Different places; different terms and believes. Good and bad souls, evil spirits, soulmates – are few to name among them. But one thing is sure, how much so ever someone deny that human being is bounded to his/her soul, these believes had been a part of our existance and culture, till now. 
That is why even when someone says they are not a fan of horror movies, they still show some interest. In the bottom of their heart they know that somewhere these myths can be true, because just like a fire is born from a small spark, a folk-story can never be a mirage. Then all these point out the existance of souls clearly, isn’t it?
The same interest might have piqued Duncan MacDougall, physician who was reported as the ‘head of a research society’ during his time – early 20th century. His…


Communities – Not a foreign word and to put it simple, ‘it is a group we live among those who share similar characters’. But in depth, it has the power to mould us to who and what we have to become tomorrow. It reflects our responsibilities, care, love, duty, and many more values. But the question is, how many of us are dedicating ourselves for the safety and betterment of our community?  What is so fascinating to know about communities!! – This is what we mostly think on such topics. Then again, it is quite interesting to know about a particular tribe existing on this very same earth, but hidden to us. If they are living among us for thousands of years, then how is it possible to stay hidden in this most modern era??
Sentinelese – true to their word meaning, they are the warriors and protectors of their community. They are habitants of North Sentinel Island, a territory of India. They were noticed by the world after a report 
of 27-year-old John Allen Chau, an American would-be mission…


DANCING PLAGUE: TRANSFORMATION OF A DIVINE ART TO A NIGHTMARE “Dancing is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham, an American modern dancer, once said. It is not necessary to reveal stories through dancing, instead, we express our feelings to communicate our inner soul through simple gestures. A philosopher once said that dance and architecture were the first art forms. It is believed that when a dancer dances with full grace, even heaven comes down to earth, making this art form a divine. 
Then, how is it possible for such a divine art to turn into a nightmare or in other words – an epidemic ?
It was a beautiful, warm and cozy day in the month of July, 1518, that people of Strasbourg noticed Frau Troffea, a solitary woman started dancing in the middle of the street, without a music but full of Joie de vivre. Even though the crowd was laughing at her expense, she did not stop. Day and night she danced, without food and rest. By the end of the week, 34 more people joined her…


To be able to solve a puzzle is a success. For this success, knowledge play a vital. Now, what happens when this knowledge itself becomes an unsolved mystery ??
From 1912, one more riddle in the name - Voynich Manuscript was added to the list of decoding to paleographers. The book itself is an artifact with many colorful depictions of herbs, nymphs, cosmological and astrological, rosette, recipe, etc. Voynich codex is carbon-dated to 15th century and was considered as the most mysterious and hard to decode manuscript. Some believed that the book is symbolical to a cult phenomenon. 
In the year 1865, Villa Mondragone at Frascati, Italy, a construction of 1573, was reconstructing. As a part of selling the many parts the library, Wilfred Voynich, a Polish book-dealer, bought an untitled book. He believed that this mysterious manuscript belonged to the Roger Bacon (1219/20 – 1292), a medieval English philosopher. Wilfred’s plan of selling this book…


Why to go in search of mysteries when our own body and mind is one big package of mystery and thriller! 
“While looking at the sky or while staring at any bright plane surface or even closing our eyes on flashes, we feel like some small worm like creatures are crawling and moving. Sometimes appear as dark spots or specks. Is it really there? Or am I just imagining things?? Now this is the stage at which we blink once to see whether those creatures are still there or not. And NO they won’t; conclusion - we are having some defect.”
Now this is a context commonly seen in our life. During childhood days, we are fascinated about these, try to know them more, try to see them more and gets surprised when someone else say that they experience the same. So what are they???
No fantasy is applied in this case, but pure science. It is our own eye playing with us. Human eye consist of different layers through which light passes through and thus vision…


When air transportation is considered as one of the greatest invention in human history, air-crashes around the world is becoming a nightmare day-by-day. About 207 air crashes are recorded, starting from the crash of powered aircraft Wright Model A aircraft at Fort Myer, Virginia, US in the year 1908 September 17, to the biggest crash - two Boeing 747 passenger jets, operating KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736 (Tenerife airport disaster) in 1977 March 27, resulting 583 fatalities.

Apart from all these sorrowful incidents, one remarkable invention was resulted – “Black box”; or to be specific “Flight Data Recorder”. Many of us might have heard this term; especially, once a plane crash happens, authorities rush to find this small, but exceptional object to get information related to the accident. But, when a massive accident occurs, how is it possible for a small box to survive- be it is a fire or falling into an ocean !
Birth of Black Box
When the number of air crashes increased …

Black - Purple Rice

We love to eat!! Tasty, new, rich, heavenly foods are what we prefer in reality. Otherwise, food markets around the world would not be ruling us now. But when our health is at stake, we are willingly or unwillingly backing out from consuming as per our wish. Dieticians prescribe diet with more fruits and vegetables and reduced carbohydrates. Is it really the only solution? No! Some natural sources exists around us that can compete with different health properties of fruits and vegetables.

BLACK - PURPLE RICE Among different cereal crops, rice (Oryza sativa L.) is an inevitable one as it is not only a staple food for a large population, but also a major ingredient in many foods. White, red, brown – are some of its few varieties that are used commonly, with their own health properties. Then what makes a black-purple rice stand out from its family? Then how is it possible to call them “the forbidden” then??
From past centuries, our ancestors cult…